Orange Institute #23

Helsinki – Tallinn

Du 1 au 3 juillet 2019

Helsinki – Tallinn
Ecosystème d’innovations.
Probablement la Silicon Valley la plus fraîche du monde !

A small country but a global reference in IT: 99% of Estonia’s government services are online and even Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are e-residents. Become one of the lucky few to discover the “next big ambition” for Estonia’s business environment, the most digitally transformed and transparent gateway for global companies to trade in the EU. Learn the future of Europe’s urban mobility, carsharing, robot deliveries and chronic disease prevention, and discover how millennial students are setting the pace in the most dynamic start-up ecosystem in the EU!

Our agenda is almost as fast and furious as the creative spirit here: Estonia leads the 2019 International Innovation Scorecard with Finland just behind in third.

Be part of the first ever Orange Institute Short Session! Enjoy two cities in one, for our introductory offer of 2500€ (excluding flights)



Meet the former Estonian Prime Minister, whose mission is to promote e-residency around the world. Learn more about what e-government means for E-ESTONIA, a unique governmental structure. Watch out for a few surprises!


Urban Mobility

From Bolt, the fastest-growing European mobility start-up, to Starship, the company that wants to disrupt the way goods are delivered, expect your perspective on tomorrow’s cities to be challenged and updated.



Estonian TransferWise is the EU’s most valued FinTech start-up but we’ll be discovering other gems and the promise they hold.



Meet companies including HealthCode AI and Nightingale Health, and how they use data and insights to solve the global chronic disease crisis.


Start-ups & VC

This region of the world is renowned for producing start-ups who dream big and go on to shape the world. From Skype to Transferwise and Nokia to Rovio (Angry Birds), what does the investment scene look like and who is it backing to be the next big thing?