Who we are

Orange Institute is a global community that aims to understand and prepare for the rapid changes that digital innovations bring to our networked society.

Orange Institute was created by Orange in the Silicon Valley in 2009, and since then has successfully gathered passionate and innovative peers together with world-class thinkers and experts to achieve that objective. The intimate, interactive nature of our sessions, held in simulating, creative cities and venues from Seoul to Silicon Valley, generates collaborate insights that will enrich your organization and open new enduring relationships.

The format evolves with each new session, typically two to four days long, convening inside tech hubs, universities and global giants.  These are intimate, open, deep discussions on topics ranging from neuroscience to navigation, from Big Data to e-health, from designing new customer experiences to the technologies and data centers that power them.

Orange Institute carefully selects these topics on the basis of their relevance to global companies. Our sessions offer our members the chance to learn dynamically about emerging and disruptive social, technical and human trends, and discuss how to adapt and prosper as citizens and enterprises.

Béatrice Mandine
President of Orange Institute

Laurence Lemoine
Head of Orange Institute

Joanna Gaumet
Project Manager at Orange Institute

Joining Orange Institute is a golden opportunity to

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