Short Stack Sessions

Short Stack Sessions

​One session per month by videoconference!

Wednesday, July 8 at 8:45 am

Appointment with Fabienne Dulac

Off the record. An hour’s meeting with the CEO of Orange France. A great witness, one hour, with fifty guests, upon registration, a stick-swap, Off the record (no tweet, no report), without introductory remarks. All questions can be asked. Preferably in connection with the digital 😉

The debate is moderated by David Lacombled, President of La villa numeris


Our previous Short Stack Sessions

The Fake news virus
Tuesday June 30

Illustrated with practical cases and topical examples, this session with David Lacombled  from the Villa Numeris, gives you keys to understanding and levers for action to enable you to improve your brand’s visibility, recreate a bond of trust with your consumers, react in the event of a crisis and comply with the law. (in french)

Venture Capital in France

Tuesday June 23

deciphering the Venture Capital market in France. With Stéphanie Hospital, founder and CEO of OneRagtime and Mathieu Berthelot, head of platform and partnerships at Orange Ventures. (in french)

Netexplo Trends

Tuesday May 26

presentation of Netexplo 2020 trends by Sandrine Cathelat, Head of research (in french)

Ethical Entertainment

Tuesday April 28 

With Dominique Delport, International President VICE MEDIA GROUP Global Chief Revenue Officer, who will share with us his vision of the subject. (in French)

Tech for Good

Tuesday April 21 

with Joe DiStefano, CEO and cofounder of Urban Footprint. The company has just released a map that allows cities to identify the location of their most vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 lockdown. What difference is it making?

Green Tech

Tuesday April 14 

with Ali Fenn, President of ITRenew. With ITRenew completely revising the concept of data centers, what are the lessons we can draw from their environmental strategy?

Digital Transformation

Tuesday April 7

with Ernst Ng, Global ES Strategy and People Analytics at Salesforce. Salesforce is regularly cited as the “best place to work”. How have they established a corporate culture and a work environment that has allowed them to develop such strong employee engagement?