Our sessions in Tokyo & Yokohama

Orange Institute #20

A nod to the past, a bridge to the future

  • Robotics in Industry and Society
  • Smarter Cities for Smarter Citizens
  • The 2020 Olympic Games
  • “Tanoshimi!” (Enjoyment!)

Orange Institute #10

Six new waves in the digital economy – Tokyo & Yokohama

Since our last session in Japan back in 2010, we noticed how the country had been able to rebuild itself.

The lessons of the 3/11 disaster emerged as bright spots of innovative collaboration against the backdrop of destruction and human loss.

Japan has been a powerful lens on the future.

Orange Institute #2

Societal remix – Tokyo

Our objective has been to learn from Japan, a country driven by the ambition of a sustainable future, massive demographics shifts and changing consumption patterns, and which therefore stands as a forerunner of the world in 2050.