Our sessions in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

Orange Institute #21

“Scaling up the Start-Up Nation”
Tel Aviv, Israël

We’re putting together what we believe will be a truly exciting session in Tel Aviv. Have you ever tried your hand at hacking? For real? Or been to a trading floor?

Orange Institute #16

Cracking Israel’s startup code- Israel

We were thrilled to welcome our members in Israel, a place dedicated to innovation and defined as a startup nation.
This country is also maintaining a position as a bulwark of cyber defense in today’s geopolitics of the virtual.

Orange Institute #12

Startups & giants: how Israel became a tech lab for the world – Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

In 2014 the brand of “Israel as Startup Nation” is shining even more brightly than when Orange Institute first visited in 2011.

From this small country of 8 million people, smaller than the New Jersey, we continue to see oversized returns.

Orange Institute #7

Innovation as destiny – Tel Aviv

The Orange Institute convened in Tel Aviv to learn from the phenomenal startup culture of Israel how innovation patterns are etched into a national asset.

In the space of four days and across three cities : Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem – we met with a cavalcade of committed and engaged faculty and startups from the worlds of Internet, Defense, Academia and Venture Capital.