Our sessions in the Silicon Valley & Los Angeles

Orange Institute #18

How is Artificial Intelligence shaping the future of Tech in Silicon Valley?

Once again we were delighted to meet our members in the heart of the Silicon Valley for a new and exciting session, where we learned a lot about AI and its impact in our daily lives.

Orange Institute #14

How Silicon Valley is redefining business again – Silicon Valley and Los Angeles

Our latest session in Silicon Valley and LA comes almost two years after our previous immersions in these locales.

We knew a lot had changed, but what was stunning was how much more was new.

Orange Institute #11

When worlds combine: how creatives meet geeks – Silicon Valley & Los Angeles

Orange Institute 11 was conceived as an exploration of that connection – or as we call it, this “combination” between a major capital of creative and the world capital of technology.

Orange Institute #8

Strategic imperatives in a post-IT world – Silicon Valley

Orange Institute returned to Silicon Valley in March 2012 to examine massive disruptions in the information technology (I.T) landscape.

Startups, platforms, and incumbents were all caught up in these changes, which we branded as the “Post-IT Era” and explored with faculty ranking from IBM and Adobe, to startups such as Uber and MapR, to platforms like Google and Facebook.

Orange Institute #4

New age to new edge – Silicon Valley

During this session, we focused on the New “New Age” and the trends, technologies and lifestyle changes that were going to affect the next decade, just as the First New Age affected ours.

We explored the long-term evolution of tech and humanism with some of the most eminent and cutting edge thinkers in the Valley.

Orange Institute #1

The new innovation imperative in a networked world – Silicon Valley

During this foundation class, collectively, we went out on an exploration to a place where the edges of many networks intersected – in the workplace, the cities where we live and play, indeed in our own hearts and mind.