Past sessions

Orange Institute #24
November 2019​

Montreal - Canada How did Montreal become the world's leading hub for Artificial Intelligence?

For a first session in Canada, we are pleased to have shared with you a very optimistic vision of Artificial Intelligence without avoiding the underlying risks. The craze and the development perspectives that AI is generating are such that Montreal is now the unavoidable point of attraction not only on the American continent but all over the world.

Orange Institute #23
July 2019

Helsinki - Tallinn Ecosystem of innovations : Probably the coolest Silicon Valley in the world...

Orange Institute, like the world we are exploring, is changing. So we wanted to test a new shorter, more condensed format to allow our curious and eager members to discover 2 cities, 2 states of mind and 2 different business and social eco-systems in just 2 days.

Orange Institute #22
May 2019

From Russia with Tech Technology or mythology: Moscow undercover

Another new destination explored by the Orange Institute during these 4 days in Russia! Of all the countries we visited, Russia is undeniably the most talked about. Not always in a positive way, we must admit. However, we decided to put aside our preconceived ideas and form our own opinion based on our experiences there. Because nothing beats experience! Although our concerns are always business-related, Moscow has offered us both a macro-economic and geo-political vision (civil liberties in particular) thanks to testimonials from the French Embassy and the government of the Russian Federation, among others.


Orange Institute #21
November 2018

When the Start-Up Nation Rises - Israel

For many of our members present at this 21st session, Tel Aviv will have marked their first impression of the discovery of Israel. For the whole group, it was a very current and factual perspective on this wind of innovation that is blowing in the country.

Orange Institute #20
May 2018

A wink to the past, a bridge to the future

Japan inspires and captivates the world with its history, rich culture and technological superiority. However, recent decades have seen an economic crisis, a declining and aging population and fierce international competition.

Orange Institute #19
November 2017

How to develop technologies for more than a billion Indians?

For this first trip to India, Orange Institute has chosen to explore Bangalore, India’s “Silicon Valley” and Bombay, the country’s economic lung. We met many people there who were very inspiring.

Orange Institute #18
April 2017

How is artificial intelligence shaping the future of tech in Silicon Valley?

Once again we were delighted to meet our members in the heart of the Silicon Valley for a new and exciting session, where we learned a lot about AI and its impact in our daily lives.

Orange Institute #17
November 2016

The digital eco-system in China: unlike anywhere else – Beijing & Shanghai

What an amazing four day session in Beijing and Shanghai.
We realized how big and disproportionate everything is China.

Orange Institute #16
May 2016

What an amazing four day session in Beijing and Shanghai. We realized how big and disproportionate evrything is China.

We were thrilled to welcome our members in Israel, a place dedicated to innovation and defined as a startup nation.
This country is also maintaining a position as a bulwark of cyber defense in today’s geopolitics of the virtual.

Orange Institute #15
November 2015

Digital New York: Fin Tech, Ad Tech, Design and Media – New York

In the Fall of 2015 we brought Orange Institute back to the Boroughs to experience first-hand how this uncanny metropolis is evolving with digital technologies and remaking the many industries that call New York home.

Our expedition brought us to many people and places that are defining the next wave of productivity and innovation.

Orange Institute #14

How Silicon Valley is redefining business again – Silicon Valley and Los Angeles

Our latest session in Silicon Valley and LA comes almost two years after our previous immersions in these locales.

We knew a lot had changed, but what was stunning was how much more was new.

Orange Institute #13

Korea @scale: where speed meets style – Seoul

South Korea is one of the four Asian Tigers and its capital Seoul is a thriving cultural, economic and technological magnet with a unique attractive force that pulls at us on many levels.

From afar, we see it as a showcase of the digital experience;  a supplier to many western companies; a model of coordinated growth backed by forward –looking state initiatives; and as a home to global companies with huge product portfolios.

Orange Institute #12

Startups & giants: how Israel became a tech lab for the world – Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

In 2014 the brand of “Israel as Startup Nation” is shining even more brightly than when Orange Institute first visited in 2011.

From this small country of 8 million people, smaller than the New Jersey, we continue to see oversized returns.

Orange Institute #11

When worlds combine: how creatives meet geeks – Silicon Valley & Los Angeles

Orange Institute 11 was conceived as an exploration of that connection – or as we call it, this “combination” between a major capital of creative and the world capital of technology.

Orange Institute #10

Six new waves in the digital economy – Tokyo & Yokohama

Since our last session in Japan back in 2010, we noticed how the country had been able to rebuild itself.

The lessons of the 3/11 disaster emerged as bright spots of innovative collaboration against the backdrop of destruction and human loss.

Japan has been a powerful lens on the future.

Orange Institute #9

Feedback economy and realtime society – New York & Boston

The East Coast startup scene is vibrant – and profoundly different from the Silicon Valley.

We explored how GenY remixes culture and tech side-by-side with the hubs of fashion, retailing and advertising.

Orange Institute #8

Strategic imperatives in a post-IT world – Silicon Valley

Orange Institute returned to Silicon Valley in March 2012 to examine massive disruptions in the information technology (I.T) landscape.

Startups, platforms, and incumbents were all caught up in these changes, which we branded as the “Post-IT Era” and explored with faculty ranking from IBM and Adobe, to startups such as Uber and MapR, to platforms like Google and Facebook.

Orange Institute #7

Innovation as destiny – Tel Aviv

The Orange Institute convened in Tel Aviv to learn from the phenomenal startup culture of Israel how innovation patterns are etched into a national asset.

In the space of four days and across three cities : Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem – we met with a cavalcade of committed and engaged faculty and startups from the worlds of Internet, Defense, Academia and Venture Capital.

Orange Institute #6

Where enchantment meets inspiration – Paris

Our perception of the future is paradoxical: we have access to more information and opinion than any of us ever dreamed possible, yet our ability to make sense of the complex cascade of events unfolding with disruptive spread is challenged as never before.

Do we have more visibility on what will happen ?

Orange Institute #5

Sensor networks as the new growth opportunity – Madrid

For two days in Madrid, Orange Institute Faculty and participants explored the growing number of connections between people, technology, and the built and physical world.

Orange Institute #4

New age to new edge – Silicon Valley

During this session, we focused on the New “New Age” and the trends, technologies and lifestyle changes that were going to affect the next decade, just as the First New Age affected ours.

We explored the long-term evolution of tech and humanism with some of the most eminent and cutting edge thinkers in the Valley

Orange Institute #3

Creativity has a new address – Beijing

During these three days, our ambition was to explore the premise that creativity has a new address: China.

Orange Institute #2

Societal remix – Tokyo

Our objective has been to learn from Japan, a country driven by the ambition of a sustainable future, massive demographics shifts and changing consumption patterns, and which therefore stands as a forerunner of the world in 2050.

Orange Institute #1

The new innovation imperative in a networked world – Silicon Valley

During this foundation class, collectively, we went out on an exploration to a place where the edges of many networks intersected – in the workplace, the cities where we live and play, indeed in our own hearts and mind