Orange Institute #21

”Scaling up the Start-Up Nation”
Tel Aviv, Israël

2018 November 19 – 22


From the Taglit Innovation Center and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to the Weizmann Institute of Science, PSES, Floor Hub and i24NEWS, our agenda was an immaculately timed whirlwind (thank you to our members for their amazing time keeping).

Topics were broad, but they were all consistent in their ability to inspire us. Our lineup of speakers was a tour de force. We learned so many things. From super smart buildings, to incredible laser therapies. From the famous Israeli Takhles attitude to multicultural newsrooms. And from keeping the crown jewels safe from cyber hackers, to Israeli special forces… I wonder how many of us went home and updated our passwords, or binge watched Fauda?

Of course, at Orange Institute you’ll always experience some special moments of conviviality, to discuss ideas and share stories over dinner and entertainments. We’re delighted you all found this a valuable part of the overall agenda. You can be sure we’ll carry on creating events and occasions for you to keep in touch.

I cannot finish without extending a huge thank you to our President of Honor, Georges Nahon, who is stepping down after 21 sessions. Without his vision of innovation, and his ability to bring together eminent professors, experts, entrepreneurs and pioneers, this initiative would never have started or grown wings.  The challenge ahead of me to fill his shoes is considerable; however, I will take the advice given to us on the opening night by Fiona Darmon: “If you’re scared of failing you’ll never try.”

So all that is left for me to do is look forward to the adventures ahead. Next time we’re off to new horizons… to demystify some common assumptions!


Béatrice Mandine
President of Orange Institute

Session #21 : Israel

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