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Orange Institute #25

Silicon Valley – Los Angeles

California Greenin’

“Dear humans, it’s been fun, but our relationship is getting toxic, so now it’s over”, Love, Mother Nature.


The 2020s will ask all to challenge the status quo. Current human behavior is not sustainable. Join Orange Institute to see what the future holds, for our own health and the health of our planet. As health becomes the new wealth for the world economy, can technology solve some of the problems it (arguably) helped to create: social issues such as fake news and global issues such as climate change? Does it depend on how we use it?

With the support of Orange Silicon Valley, we will address these issues through four main themes:

Green Tech

Rampant urbanization means an estimated 75% of city infrastructure will be rebuilt or built anew by 2050. How do you build a city that is safe and sustainable? From Marvelous Market Street in San Francisco to exploring AgTech disruptors such as vertical and urban farms and the LACI Cleantech Incubator, it’s time to rethink!

Tech for Good

You will take a trip to San Francisco’s historic City Hall to meet with influencers and leaders from the Government of San Francisco and the World Economic Forum about everything from e-scooters, drones, sidewalk delivery robots and micromobility to “playable cities” and bias in computer vision. You’ll also have the chance to explore how technologies can promote inclusion and “belonging”. Wear your superhero costume and help humanity win the fight against evil!


Here, you’ll start at the top – literally – at the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco’s SoMa district. How are HR functions using people analytics to transform the employee experience? What do these advances mean for the future of work? Leaders in AI from Salesforce will share insights on how to address algorithmic bias, transparency, understandability and ethics. You’ll also hear first-hand from global AI leader NVIDIA, do your best work with Gusto, grab and go at the Amazon Go store. What’s more, you’ll meet the people behind machine learning – how will they ensure AI is representative and democratic?

Ethical Entertainment

The last time we were in LA, 2015, today’s giants such as Netflix had not yet invaded everyone’s living rooms. Starting with Hollywood classics, let’s get up to speed with what newer players such as BuzzFeed, GabBox are up to. How are their platforms incorporating ethical principles? Is it time for the entertainment industry to demonstrate their conscience?