Orange Institute #9

Feedback economy and realtime society – New York & Boston

October, 2012

The East Coast startup scene is vibrant – and profoundly different from the Silicon Valley. We explored how GenY remixes culture and tech side-by-side with the hubs of fashion, retailing and advertising. We discovered a massive shift to a Feedback economy, embraced at all levels, from underlying data flows through organizations, feedback loops from customers, to design principles for the built world. The feedback economy is data-driven, and requires new skills. What we learned is that this skills have profound impacts on the companies and organizations that put them into action. We were impressed at how much organizational change is occurring as a result of this data-driven approach. Another finding from this session: what we call a “crisis of narrative”. Multiple speakers told us that when Data frames the story, we must reinvent our story-telling.


  • Themes explored


Big Data in marketing
High-frenquency trading (HFT) as a case study in low-latency/high-performance IT
Ambient information design for sensors and Internet of Things
Machine-based content generation and sentiment analysis for publishers and advertisers