Orange Institute #7

Innovation as destiny – Tel Aviv

November, 2011

The Orange Institute convened in Tel Aviv to learn from the phenomenal startup culture of Israel how innovation patterns are etched into a national asset. In the space of four days and across three cities : Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem – we met with a cavalcade of committed and engaged faculty and startups from the worlds of Internet, Defense, Academia and Venture Capital. Each Orange Institute is a blend of continuing themes and echoes from previous sessions. What we found is Israel was a continuation of previous sessions in some important ways: from the Paris Hello demain session the theme of Optimism was everywhere in Israel. As we found in Tokyo, the need to build resourcefully a self-reliant way forward that is compelled by a lack of rich natural resources came through. But the uniqueness of Israel, with its strong sense of national identity, reinforced by a shared military obligation was readily apparent. And while the technology aptitudes and venture dynamics were comparable to or in some ways surpassed Silicon Valley, we found a refreshing freedom of thought.


  • Themes explored


Israel ‘s Start-up Nation as source of innovation
imaging technology in military and civilian applications