Orange Institute #6

Where enchantment meets inspiration – Paris

June, 2011

Our perception of the future is paradoxical: we have access to more information and opinion than any of us ever dreamed possible, yet our ability to make sense of the complex cascade of events unfolding with disruptive spread is challenged as never before. Do we have more visibility on what will happen ? Do we feel more equipped to face these challenges ? At Hello Demain and during this session, our ambition was to explore the continua of inspiration, enchantment, optimism, and trust. Connecting these fundamentally positive aspects of human nature with the evolution of all types of networks revealed new axes of discovery.  Inspiration was our entry point to the topic of learning, which appeared and reappeared throughout the session.


  • Themes explored


New business models and behaviors in higher education
Business of mobile games and payments
Globalization and impacts on HR practices
Internet of Things and the e-health market