Orange Institute #4

New age to new edge – Silicon Valley

November, 2010

During this session, we focused on the New “New Age” and the trends, technologies and lifestyle changes that were going to affect the next decade, just as the First New Age affected ours. We explored the long-term evolution of tech and humanism with some of the most eminent and cutting edge thinkers in the Valley. In our discussions we looked at a 50-year cycles of change in the domains of  City, Community, Creative, Corporeal and Computation. While each domain is a distinct entity with its own connections between “then” (New Age) and “now” (New Edge) they are all interconnected and interdependent. As Kevin Kelly told us “ technology has its own agenda, technologies are inevitable”. That inevitably does not render us superfluous, but instead empowers us; as Kelly also reminded in a note of optimism “Humanity is our greatest invention and were not done yet”.


  • Themes explored


Social media strategies for brand managers
Robots as tele-presence business communications Tools
Digital journalism tools and platforms
Big Data ecosystem basics
DIY and the Maker open hardware movement