Orange Institute #23

Helsinki – Tallinn Innovation Ecosystem. Probably the coolest Silicon Valley in the world!

July, 2019

An exciting agenda justifies a surprising location, which is why we chose one of Europe’s lesser known yet buzzing regions: the dynamic duo of Finland and Estonia. These jewels of the Baltic are two of the world’s leading cities for innovation and quality of education and governance.

For our part, we were delighted with the session and opportunity to meet officials, companies and start-ups who are both big and successful such as Bolt and up and coming such as Entocube.

We learned a lot and ate a few dried insects.

Finland is looking for ways to overcome its “Nokia-ized” past, and push forward as a beacon for the whole world in domains such as video games and education.

Estonia – with a population smaller than Paris – is driving global leadership in digital governance, and has developed a unique e-residency program, about which we now know (almost) everything.

We hope you returned home enlightened and equipped with new connections and memories. It was a pleasure having you with us in Helsinki and Tallinn, and see you at the next Orange Institute, long or short!