Orange Institute #20

Un clin d’œil au passé, un pont vers l’avenir

Mai, 2018

Japan inspires and captivates the world with its history, rich culture and technological superiority. However, recent decades have seen economic turmoil, a declining and aging population and fierce, global competition. As host to the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, and with its sights set on welcoming visitors to “discover tomorrow”, the challenge is on for Japan to apply its resilience and creativity to regain lost ground and chart a bright and productive path to the future.

The Japan of tomorrow – coined Society 5.0 by the Japanese Cabinet Office – will be one that’s teeming with innovation. The priority is to interweave new technologies throughout industry and society to bring about a dramatic transformation.

The key pillars will be Japanese leadership in the robotics industry – nearing $50 billion worldwide in 2017 and likely to grow more than 400% over the next 5 years – and renewed R&D investment in new technologies – especially artificial intelligence, life sciences, and clean energy.

Join us in Japan from May 28 – June 1 2018 to explore the key digital innovations emerging there: Society 5.0, Robotics in Industry and Society, Smarter Cities for Smarter Citizens, and “Tanoshimi” (Entertainment) We invite you behind the scenes to explore this enigmatic land; full of complex contrasts, rich in opportunity, and determined to maintain its leadership role in a changing world.

  • Work less, work better – a better path to productivity and balance
  • Our augmented bodies
  • From Tamagotchi to Tapia, robot friends
  • Drones
  • Transportation – automation for commercial and personal mobility
  • Suica Card – gateway to a cashless society
  • Microalgae
  • Immersive broadcast, 8K
  • 5G launch
  • Boosting a flagging service industry
  • Manga culture
  • New era of gaming
  • VR and AR