Orange Institute #19

How is India building tech for the billions? – Bangalore and Mumbai

November, 2017

For the first time, Orange Institute introduced its members to India. This place was a strong paradox between dynamism with a large population under 35 years of amongst 1.3 billion citizens, numerous innovative initiatives and also a striking poverty visible everywhere.

What was inspiring was the different set of mind in many different fields such as education, entertainment and even Fintech..

During this session, we had the opportunity to visit two very different cities: Bangalore, the Indian “Silicon Valley” and Mumbai, the economic heart of the country.

We discovered that some industries are key for the development of the economy such as Fintech and Education.. And also the importance of identification of the population thanks to biometrics innovation.

We had the chance to visit a scientific lab where TeamIndus, one the 5 international competitors for the race to the moon launched by Google Lunar X prize shared with us their innovations. They wined a 1 million milestone prize last year for their landing technology.  We met also the very impressive Indian Uber, Ola Cabs capable of providing 1.5 million rides a day and offering transportation solutions no matter where their customers are. Sustainable innovations are also another field of development in a country where pollution is a major concern. Another very strong moment was the Dharavi slum visit to understand how frugal economy is a thriving business in this country.

Our 25 members met 27 speakers with a very different business and innovation approach from corporate companies or government organizations to start-ups and accelerator.

Now that this memorable experience in India is over, we want to discover another Asian country, radically different, with a strong culture and striving for excellence. It will take place in Japan in May 2018.