Orange Institute #16

Cracking Israel: Start up code – Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

May, 2016

We were thrilled to welcome our members in Israel, a place dedicated to innovation and defined as a startup nation. This country is also maintaining a position as a bulwark of cyber defense in today’s geopolitics of the virtual.

This seminar was a great opportunity for our members to step back from their daily work, to meet and exchange ideas with others. It leave them full of new ideas and inspirations, and the opportunity to make changes over the coming year.

We were delighted to host a selection of 6 high quality speakers who have introduced various themes of the session: Jeremie Berrebi, Danny Gold, Menny Barzilay, Dan Scheinmann, Roy Munin and Yossi Vardi. We also had the pleasure to introduce our members to a bunch of 21 startups carefully selected among Cybersecurity, Fintech and Data Analytics, Smart cities, Augmented reality, and Innovations for a better world.

In addition to the meetings set up in emblematic places in Tel Aviv, we spent an entire day in Jerusalem, a city steeped in history and spirituality.

Our members were delighted with the session, with a satisfaction rate of 95%.


  • Themes explored



Fintech and Data Analytics

Smart cities

Augmented reality

Innovations for a better world