Orange Institute #15

We <3 digital New York

November, 2015

New York City is an almost impossible place. With 8.5 million residents in 300 square miles, it’s the most populous
city in the United States. Packed with hundreds of neighborhoods and nationalities full of on-the-street DIY survival
climbing up into the gilded starchitecture of the tallest glass towers, its 5 boroughs are a tapestry of human existence
and a microcosm of the world itself. The sheer amount of creativity and innovation is unparalleled anywhere.

And yet, New York City has little interest in being the next Silicon Valley. Referring to the sky-high Unicorns with huge
audiences and tiny revenues, Vice CDO Mike Germano told us, “Here in New York we’re trying to solve business
problems.” From Wall Street and Madison Avenue to Brooklyn and The Bronx, this is perhaps the defining trait of the
Big Apple: doing business and solving problems.

In the Fall of 2015 we brought Orange Institute back to the Boroughs to experience first-hand how this uncanny
metropolis is evolving with digital technologies and remaking the many industries that call New York home. Our
expedition brought us to many people and places that are defining the next wave of productivity and innovation.


  • Themes explored


Digital Wall Street: FinTech and beyond

Design, style, and culture as data

Startups as school: what talents wants now

Algo’s of New York: Gotham’s big data ecosystem

What’s next for New York? Beyond the smart city

New vs buzz: new media for millennials