Orange Institute #12

Startups & giants: how Israel became a tech lab for the world – Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

May, 2014

In 2014 the brand of “Israel as Startup Nation” is shining even more brightly than when Orange Institute first visited in 2011. From this small country of 8 million people, smaller than the New Jersey, we continue to see oversized returns. With the creation of exceptional market value from over 3,000 startups, and with disruptive concepts such as predictive analytics and algorithmic anomaly detection, Israel has a strong national purpose aligned with multinational R&D programs from around the world. We worked hard: 41 speakers in two-and-half days set an all-time record for content production. Our first-ever “pitch-the-members” session at the Holon Garage had us close to the ecosystem in an entirely new and powerful way. One of the things that sets Israel apart from other ecosystems we have engaged with is the eagerness of the players to share their story. The generosity and openness of our Israeli faculty was welcoming and highly educational.


  • Themes explored


Civilian drone use cases and business models

Gestural interfaces for connected home

Mobile applications, sensors for new business models in e-health

Cyber-security innovations within the Israeli cyber ecosystem