Orange Institute #21

”Scaling up the Start-Up Nation” – Israël

2018 November 19 – 22

Scaling up the Start-Up Nation

We’re putting together what we believe will be a truly exciting session in Tel Aviv.
Have you ever tried your hand at hacking? For real? Or been to a trading floor?

Join us for this 3 day session exploring the region and discovering hot topics beginning on Monday November 19 for our opening dinner, and ending on Thursday November 22 in the afternoon.


The nation accounts for around 10% of the world’s research and hosts 50 development centers of international research. Following the agricultural then industrial revolutions, cyber is yet again going to change all of our lives. What is the secret behind Israel’s success?

Fintech & Blockchain

Get your pulse racing at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, a unique experience to understand trading through a real-time operating system. You’ll also be first in line to see innovations such as the blockchain protocol to convert smart tokens, stock forecasting based on a predictive algorithm and behavioral biometrics to fight fraud.

Smart Cities and Mobility

Israel’s ambition is to reduce its oil consumption by 60% by 2025. It is already leading the way to achieving clean, accessible and efficient transport systems through its tech, thinking and business models. Ready to jump on board?

Tech for a better Health

Israel’s leadership in life science is undisputed: more than 1,400 companies and $6.9 billion in exports. Innovations in neuroscience, oncology, immunology and stem cell research are transforming the face of healthcare, and there are valuable lessons for other industries too.


For years, Israel has been an advertising power-house and boasts 600 marketing and advertising start-ups. Join us to discover how tech advancements (AI, machine learning, computer vision) enable a more data-driven approach, bringing together AdTech and MarTech into one field.