2017-2018 program

We have been busy adding great people, great ideas and great places to our 2017/2018 program.

Be prepared for a new stimulating and inspiring exploration journey, by participating to our next wonderful delegation.


Orange Institute session #18 (Sold out)

April 24 – 27, 2017
Silicon Valley – San Francisco, California

How is Artificial Intelligence shaping the future of Tech in Silicon Valley?

It has been two years since Orange Institute explored Silicon Valley; Today autonomous cars roam the streets, and drones fly above them.
After recent global power shifts, it’s the perfect time to return and give our members visibility on how large and small companies, startups and VCs are reacting.
The possibilities for major shifts in this new era are high, and complex.
AI enables businesses to make sense of historical data and understand consumer behavior more effectively. When AI meets Big Data, it provides new opportunities to address major issues in a variety of fields (Chatbot, Transportation, FinTech…) and also new ways of working and training.
Join us for this 3 day session exploring the region and discovering these hot topics beginning on Monday April 24 for our opening dinner, and ending on Thursday April 27 in the afternoon.

  New modes of transportation

From drones to cars to rockets, legacy ways to get from A to B are being reinvented with algorithms and new energy sources. The result is AI on wheels and in the air -- and data everywhere. Employment, climate, and safety are all impacted.

  Seamless connectivity

Distributed is back, faster and cheaper beyond imagining: from Blockchain to Echo to Snap's cool camera glasses, compute comes down from the cloud and is available everywhere, decentralizing control in the process.

  Millennial business

The shift from ownership to access, from product to experience, is changing everything from where we work to how we shop, and the way we tell stories.

  Mother Nature meets AI

Enterprises and Governments are racing to understand how climate change is driving adaptation, and impacting the economy. We’ll explore how feedback loops for living systems ranging from plants to cities are being built inside the Internet of Everything.